Zboard content languages cache tnebhs

zboard content languages cache tnebhs

GetChildren can't find it - it's like the language branch isn't there. But when the cache is refreshed (e.g. by making a content save or reloading.
VuFind supports multiple languages in its user interface through two main mechanisms. language cache by removing the local/ cache / languages directory. The content of will be merged.
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Zboard content languages cache tnebhs flying easy

It also seems abit random. But it may get confusing for editors who created a page which doesn't have language overlays because it doesn't need to eg folder , but still appears in the rootline of other pages.
zboard content languages cache tnebhs

Sign in to comment. You can't perform that action at this time. It occures with AlloyTech samplesite too, zboard content languages cache tnebhs. You signed out in another tab or window. VuFind's help screens contain too much text for the standard translation mechanism to be a practical way of presenting them in multiple languages. If you attempt to translate a string that is not found in a language map, the original string will be displayed untranslated. Steps to reproduce : This is how it works. For an example of a full language file, see ourbulgarianworld.info. The text domain is then accessed in the translator by prefixing the string with the text domain and a '::' separator. This can be useful, for example, to use shorter strings in a mobile interface than a desktop version. This likely populates the cache with invalid data and causes strange behaviour that's corrected later when the cache is refreshed with the correct entries. Thanks adrienjacob for reproducing my bug last week :. The MO Cache fgmfullerton fullerton grounds maintenance simple and fast caching of the translation MO files using the [WP Object Cache] ourbulgarianworld.info mechanism.

Zboard content languages cache tnebhs -- journey

As you said, when you save or click the page in the pagetree, then the cache has been updated and I can get the page in GetChildren. You signed in with another tab or window. Edit ourbulgarianworld.info and add your new language to the [Languages] section. The bug label is already added, but to let you know, i tested this morning and got the "creation" bug on my installation with the development branch. Looks like during the first request Episerver fails to resolve the correct language branch when fetching pages. It cannot find any, so it creates links using the main language title. Makes sense not to manage URLs of non existing page translations indeed. The image below is one example how this occurs.

zboard content languages cache tnebhs

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