Showing rabbits terms glossary

showing rabbits terms glossary

Common words and what they mean when talking about rabbits.
A Glossary of Terms Used in Showing Rabbits. Rabbits --All breeds that have an ideal weight of nine pounds or less, consisting of Junior and Senior.
ARBA Show Title Terms and Definitions BOB – Best of Breed – Judged the best rabbit of that breed. BOSB – Best Opposite Sex of Breed – Judged the best of.

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Sometimes used as an unofficial term for rabbits that are old enough to be weaned but not mature enough to show as a junior. This can include selfs, shaded selfs, ticked, wide. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Explore more at and

showing rabbits terms glossary

Held in the fall. Sweepstakes — sweepstakes contests are conducted by national rabbit clubs such as the HLRSC and some local clubs as. Zine Gallery Classifieds Products Search E-Mail Privacy Policy. A rabbitry in Northern Arizona raising Blanc de Hotot, Champagne d'Argent, Cinnamon, Dwarf Hotot, Mini Satin, and Silver Fox rabbits for show and livestock. Two Great Offers harris county cypress single black women Limited time! A rabbit's daily diet should be made up of a high quality, pelleted rabbit foodhayshowing rabbits terms glossary, fresh vegetables, and fresh water. Prevue Hendryx Small Pet Cages. Either Junior, Intermediate or Senior. A rabbit may only earn one leg per judging.

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Timothy Hay is a grass hay. Open Coat — fur that is beginning to lose its texture and luster and is almost ready to molt. It also helps to wear down their teeth. Rabbit Terms Glossary Definitions of Words Commonly Used by Rabbit Show Breeders. Palpation — feeling a does abdomen to determine the presence or absence of embryos. Litter refers to what you will put in your rabbit's litter box. This award is chosen by comparing all of the Champion rabbits. DQs can correct themselves.

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Showing rabbits terms glossary BOB — Best of Breed — judged to be the best Holland at that. A fault is a condition that's. A bunny is nocturnal. Zine Gallery Classifieds Products Search E-Mail Privacy Policy. A rabbit's baby fur is shed at. Kit — baby rabbit. This refers to the food your rabbit eats every day.
MAGIC DUNCAN EEBDFEDEC Sweepstakes points are accumulated only from sanctioned shows. The Profit from Rabbits Showing Rabbit Show Basics Wow! Look for a food that has a lot of fiber. There are lots of different treats to choose from, so make sure you choose something healthy. This can include selfs, shaded selfs, ticked, wide. Pet Medical Records Policy.
MILITARY MISSISSIPPI GULFPORT Solid Senior Bucks and Broken Junior Does are two classes. Solid --A rabbit that basically. Rabbits eat a pellet-shaped foodcalled a pellet diet. Held in the fall. REW — Ruby-eyed white — white bunny with ruby eyes resulting from two REW cc genes. Most common in larger breeds Varierty — Color of a rabbit. Variety — in Hollands, the color and the pattern of the fur.
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Pages four season nail Chew toys can also prevent your rabbit from getting bored. Many states hold conventions as. These colors have darker colors on the nose, ears, and other parts of the body. Kindling Box — a box provided to does so that she can make a nest and have babies in it. At the end of the show, all of the breeds who had a BOB winner compete to see who is the best of the best.