Question what nicknames guys like called

question what nicknames guys like called

If you and your boyfriend are the kind of couple who like to call each other cute names, peruse this list to come up with new and original ones.
Answers to the question, What Flirtatious Substitute Names Do Guys Like He also like Babe, Baby, Daddy (but only in bed, it's a bit strange.
But there are some men who might not like to hear this nickname, so watch out. ~~Personally, Ive This brings up another question in my opinion. After reading...

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It always way more affectionate if you give them names that only he knows the meaning of... Sometimes it sounds the same as that... IRC Chat Room: Hang out with the other AskMen regulars on our IRC chatroom. That is a fun nickname. Simple, makes me feel hot, and isn't cringe-worthy.
question what nicknames guys like called

I can remember: - Honey or hun. Don't have an account? Sugar Daddy or Daddy - HELL no no no no no! I'll have to try that Reply ArtistBboy Courteousy Reminder: Don't forget to choose the best answer. Sexy or Hot Stuff detail sales supervisor braintree. I know, I am weird :-P I hate when a guy calls me babe. That's about it, I hate pet names. Or you could just ask him and see if eventually it is not awkward. I have no idea where or why it started. I'd say cute too, but some guys don't like cute so. BLACK AND WHITE GIRL KISSING EACH OTHER. But it'll vary from guy to guy, obviously. I like being called sweetie, honey, question what nicknames guys like called, darling, baby, sweetheart and any variation thereof. In my opinion, it sounds as if the relationship lacks maturity. These statements are not made to be "rude" or intentionally harmful, both parties now that this is playfull comedy in an aggressive manor. She could call me bitchdick and I'd be fine with it. I have no idea why or where it started. I called him stud and handsome once or twice but it never stuck I call my guy honey, baby, handsome. Nicknames aren't really important.

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  • In my experience one of the things guys like being called is "handsome".
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  • Question what nicknames guys like called