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Also, try library (sos); findFn(" findMatches "). And note that there's also a find. matches function in Hmisc – docendo discimus May 25 '16 at.
R /usr/lib/R/site- library / Hmisc /R-ex/ourbulgarianworld.infoy.R /usr/lib/R/site- library / Hmisc /R- ex/ ourbulgarianworld.infos.R /usr/lib/R/site- library / Hmisc /R-ex/
ourbulgarianworld.infos { Hmisc }, R Documentation ourbulgarianworld.infos (x, y, ncol(y)), scale=tol, ## S3 method for class ' ourbulgarianworld.infos ': summary(object.

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Cs Vector of character strings from list of unquoted names. Programs available from

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Useful for putting many special chars. In my script, it should be a function from package Biobase , but I cannot find this function even in this package? Could anyone help me to correct my memory and confirm me that there is such a function.

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Library hmisc findmatches Detailed answers to any questions you might. Vanderbilt University School of Medicine. If this software is used is work presented for publication, library hmisc findmatches. Harrell's submissions to statlib other. Also allows a grouping variable and plots unsmoothed data. This program is distributed in the hope that it will be. Alan Zaslavsky, zaslavsk
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